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Safe space to build healthy relationships

Canadian Muslim Women Institute (CMWI) offers a series of informational workshops to create awareness among women about family violence and how to build healthy relationships. The workshops cover topics like identifying what a healthy relationship looks like, what is an unhealthy relationship, what is abuse and its different forms, Canadian laws and their rights and the Islamic perspective on violence. The staff has undergone extensive training in how to deliver the information in a sensitive manner and how to recognize signs of stress and trauma associated with this. CMWI has partnered with counsellors to who they can refer participants if such services are needed.

What to expect

The workshops are done in 8 sessions and comprise the following topics:

  • Week 1: What is Family Violence?
  • Week 2: Different types of abuse, your feelings, and emotions.
  • Week 3: What does Islam say about violence? Connecting to your spiritual self.
  • Week 4: Understanding relationships. Signs of unhealthy relationships.
  • Week 5: Understanding Cycles of Violence, assessing the risk, and developing a safety plan.
  • Week 6: Canadian law and what are your rights?
  • Week 7: Self-compassion and self-care.
  • Week 8: Resources.

To learn more about these informational workshops, please call our office at 204 943 8539 and ask for information on registering for the “Safe Space to Build Healthy Relationship” workshops.