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The Culinary Edge Employment Training Program

This program equips newcomer women with the skills required to enter a Canadian Commercial Cooking workplace for the 1st time. in commercial cooking and professionalism to be ready to enter the Canadian workplace for the first time.

What is taught in this program?

  • Commercial food preparation
  • From scratch cooking and baking
  • Common commercial cooking methods
  • Cooking for individuals with allergies
  • Producing large quantity food product according to customer specifications
  • Knife skills
  • Food safety
  • Kitchen safety and sanitation
  • English for employment, kitchen and team communication
  • Employment skills, professionalism,
  • Job search and interview skills
  • Team work and Canadian kitchen culture
  • Chef / Employer / Customer expectations
  • Practicums at employers

How long does the training take?

Up to 24 weeks

When does the training take place?

Cohorts run from April to September and October to March. Contact us at any time to be added to the participant waiting list.

What credentials are earned upon completion of the course?

  • First Aid certificate
  • Manitoba Food Handlers Certificate
  • Criminal record check
  • Child and Adult abuse check
  • Workers rights Workshop by CMWI
  • Culinary Edge Training Certificate with a list of skills demonstrated during training.

Who qualifies for the program?

All participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Understand that this is an unpaid training program
  • Newcomer to Canada having Permanent Resident Status
  • Female
  • Able to attend full time for the entire training period
  • Able to lift 30 pounds
  • Willing to wear a uniform
  • Can read, write and converse in English. This course is delivered in English.

How can I arrange to have a practicum student at my business?

Call 204-943-8539 ext 211
or Email contact@cmwi.ca