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Health and Wellness Programs

CMWI offers a variety of programs to support the mental, emotional, and physical health of our clients. These Health and Wellness Programs help newcomers to make connections and support their physical and mental well-being. When moving to a new country, mental well-being, social connections, and efforts for physical health take the back seat because the priority is to settle. Therefore, we encourage newcomers to join these programs to create a sense of happiness and belonging. These programs help them to learn how to deal with daily life stressors. They also provide them an opportunity to learn about different cultures. The multicultural environment offers the participants a chance to learn from the experiences of people of backgrounds different from theirs.

Please see the attached brochure to see what services we offer under the Health and Wellness program. See Brochure here.

Through our programs and services to the community, we aims to foster sound emotional health, stability and personal development to achieve self-sufficiency and financial independence in order to assist the newcomers to Canada in their settlement period.

Our services are unique from other organizations because of the diverse background of staff and management who are immigrant or refugees as well. Through multiple programs and services we are able to empower women, consequently their whole family, towards social and financial empowerment.